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We need to continue to build a strong foundation for our school system. This foundation starts with: Building trust and a strong relationship with City Council, This will allow City Council and the School Board to work seamlessly for the needs of the children. Working together will allow for the proper allocation of funds to the school system. The increased trust and transparency will give City Council the confidence the funds are being used well.  Accreditation with no conditions for all Newport News schools is vital. This will help to attract more families to Newport News and help to strengthen our city. Increased internship and career opportunities will give our children the leg up they need to succeed in life.  Support and competitive compensation for our teachers will bring the best teachers to our schools and thus make our schools stronger. These building blocks will be the foundation for success needed to build opportunity for our children, advancement in our schools. And growth for our city. It's time for Newport News schools to be the leaders on the peninsula for all others to follow. 

Build Trust and Relationships with City Council

I have been a practicing lawyer for nearly 20 years, advocating on behalf of clients and helping them strategically plan for their future. I will use my skills to advocate on behalf of our schools, students and their families. I will work to build trust between the School Board and City Council so that these two governing bodies will work better together, with transparency and a common goal of providing the resources and support needed for our schools.  Increased trust and transparency will give City Council the confidence that the funds are well utilized and the School Board the confidence that City Council understands the needs of the school system.  Putting schools first will give everyone a stronger Newport News.

Fully Accredited No Exceptions

As a parent and employer, I know that a strong foundation in elementary and middle school is vital for students’ high school and future success. Our elementary and middle schools must be fully accredited with no conditions.  As a lawyer, I specialize in estate planning, trusts, business and tax law.  This work requires helping clients establish strategic goals and plans for their businesses and families.  I have the experience needed to work with the school administration to set a strategic course for NNPS to full, unconditional accreditation and help the board and administration stay laser focused on continuously improving toward that goal and beyond.

Increased Internship and Career Opportunities

Having worked with businesses, government and community organizations for nearly 20 years, I understand how STEM education, career exploration and internship opportunities can help a student chart their course to future success.  As a parent, I also know that making a connection between today’s education and tomorrow’s career is key to keeping students motivated and engaged in school.  NNPS has many excellent programs and opportunities. I will build on these career foundations and work to expand partnerships with area businesses and organizations.  I would like to see additional career exploration opportunities for middle school students, so that they can become even more engaged in their education and exited for their future.

Strong Support and Competitive Pay

We must prioritize our teachers and position them to excel in the classroom. Competitive compensation and providing our teachers with the resources and support they need will empower them to succeed.  Their success will be our children’s success.  With our full support, our teachers can help our children achieve their fullest potential.  It is time for Newport News schools to be the leaders in education on the Peninsula.

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